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Hudson Business Solutions

Improve Your Google Rankings with Links and Backlinks

Visibility. Even the most dimwitted businessperson can tell you visibility proves essential to entrepreneurial success. On the Internet this means getting your business’ website and blog to rank well on search engines, especially the search juggernaut Google. To rank high on Google businesses use various SEO (search engine optimization) strategies. Today we at Hudson Business Solutions want to discuss using links and backlinks as a SEO strategy.

Given the direction Google’s search engine moved towards in 2011, Hudson Business Solutions sees links and backlinks becoming a more important factor in search engine rankings. Due to concerns over people gaming Google with ridiculously saturated keyword filled content, the Internet giant began tweaking their search engine algorithms. Like Tech Crunch’s MG Siegler mentions in his piece, “Google Search Finally Going Fully Social with Shared Twitter Links and Even Quora Data,” search engine results will become more influenced by social factors.

Backlinks, links which lead to your business’s blog or website, provide a solid social indicator. As Entrepreneur’s AJ Kumar explains in his article, “Five Effecctive SEO Strategies to Optimize Your Business Blog,” a backlink serves as a “vote of confidence.” Now you hold some control over spreading confidence via placing appropriate backlinks around online. Mashable’s Leyl Master Black advises in her piece, “5 Content Marketing Strategies for Small Business,” to leave comments with a link back to your website on content similar to yours. However, Hudson Business Solutions wants to reemphasize Black’s warning ensuring your comment actually contributes to the interaction at hand. Otherwise you appear as spam, ultimately hurting your online reputation and Google search ranking.

The same principle holds true with posting backlinks on Youtube. Social media Examiner James Wedmore points out in his article, “3 Ways to Use Youtube to Drive Traffic to Your Website,” the great potential for posting backlinks on the popular website. When posting videos, you can incorporate backlinks to your business’ website and/or blog either within the actual video or the video’s description.

Beyond backlinks, linking to useful resources on your business’ website and/or blog will add a boost to your Google search ranking. Google instructs in their Webmaster Guidelines “create a useful, information-rich site.” Links to useful resources gives one way to do this. At the same time Google advises against linking to spam or other harmful sites. All in all, to rank high on Google search results you will need to focus on quality.

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