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Hudson Business Solutions

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Track Your Online Reputation By the Numbers

A hit counter only tells you how many people have visited your page. If you use a system that will track the statistics of your site, you’ll know where those people are coming from, which pages they’re visiting, and other key information that can help you build up a more successful brand. Hudson Business Solutions [...]

Hudson Business Solutions Analyzes the Netflix Qwikster Twist

It’s never easy for a business to raise prices. It’s a lesson online rental giant Netflix is learning the hard way. Since announcing it was splitting its DVD rental and online streaming offerings, the company has been struggling to regain its once shiny online reputation…including a recent decision to rename the online DVD rental portion [...]

When Your Online Identity is Hijacked

What would happen if you Googled your name one morning to find an entire page of posts that appeared to have been from you, but weren’t? How would you reestablish your identity? Hudson Business Solutions knows online impersonation can happen to anyone, and works to prepare small businesses for it. While online impersonation is illegal [...]

Kraft Foods Creating a New Brand

Kraft Foods is splitting into two different brands to put more, but separate, emphasis on two different food markets. The move is just another one of Kraft’s innovative marketing techniques, which have remained on the cutting edge of sales for decades. Kraft Groceries Kraft Foods is currently looking for candidates to lead its upcoming grocery [...]

Bing’s CW Marketing Campaign

If you’ve been catching up on your favorite CW shows this fall you may have noticed something a little different: Bing search engines appearing on the screen. Hudson Business Solutions noticed this trend and decided to take a closer look at this marketing trend. Bing is no stranger to over the top online and TV [...]

Do Negative Comments Have a Negative Affect on Business?

Negative online comments are so common; they’re the stuff of family television movies and fodder for sitcom jokes. But when those negative comments are about you or your business, it’s no laughing matter. No one likes to read ugly comments, but do they really have an affect on your bottom line? What should you be [...]

Preparing to be Googled

Online reputation management can be a full-time job these days, with many businesses feeling as if they have no control over what is posted online. But, Hudson Business Solutions has a few simple tips that will have you taking control of your online reputation before it takes control of you. Rating sites like seem to [...]

It’s Almost Here: The Small Business Expo

It’s coming up! On Wednesday, October 5, 2011, the Small Business Expo will be going on in New York City! Business owners, entrepreneurs, and decision makers will gather at the Penn Plaza Pavilion to learn about products and services and to network with other professionals. Hudson Business Solutions will be one of the many companies [...]

Hudson Business Solutions: What Businesses Can Learn from Ashton Kutcher

He’s either a genius or treading dangerous ground. But one thing is for certain, Hudson Business Solutions points out. Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher is, first and foremost, a businessman. The actor, who started out starring in That 70s Show and Dude, Where’s My Car?, could have simply enjoyed the royalties from [...]