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How Pinterest Can Help Build Your Brand

Imagine a giant bulletin board, visible to millions of people around the world. Now imagine there were a way to post information about your business on that bulletin board. Thanks to the latest popular social media site Pinterest, you can do just that. Pinterest has become popular with brides, who use the site to share [...]

Can Recognizing Your Employees on Facebook and Twitter Help Your Online Reputation

For years, companies have publicly recognized excellence in staff members at company-wide meetings, conferences, and Christmas parties. Some retail establishments have even posted photos of exceptional employees for customers to see. In today’s social media world, however, businesses are turning to an even bigger platform for recognizing employee achievements. Since many of your employees are [...]

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Online Reputation

The end of 2011 means it’s time to take stock of your life and decide what you’d like to do better in 2012. Hudson Business Solutions knows that for businesses, this means finding ways to help your business thrive in the new year. With the world spending more and more time online, for many businesses, [...]

Most Surprising Social Media Successes of 2011

The holidays are here once again, and that can only mean one thing: massive online advertising. With deals on shipping, social media promotions, and popular products and brands striving to outdo each other, it pays to spend the season online. But this last great push of 2011 can’t overshadow the months that have come before. [...]

Social Media Tips for Performing Artists

So you call yourself an actor, singer, or musician. You’ve got heart, ambition, and talent, but yet you find your career at a standstill or worse not even off the ground. More than likely you already possess the tools needed to launch your performing pursuits to a new level. You’ll find these instruments in your [...]

Klout for Your Online Reputation

“Positive.” “Engaging.” “Influential.” Do these words sound like ones you want customers to use when describing your business’ online reputation? Klout makes this possible by analyzing your social media use and giving you a score between one and 100, with 100 being the best. In a Coaches Corner segment on Klout co-founder and CEO, [...]

How the New Facebook Timeline Can Help Promote Your Brand

Facebook is planning a new design change that has social media users buzzing. But the Timeline feature is also big news for businesses interested in building their online reputation. Currently, Timeline is optional for Facebook users, but according to PC World magazine, the feature will be pushed out for all users on December 22nd. Hudson [...]

How Can You Become a “Social Media Savvy” Business?

Every week, Hudson Business Solutions posts a feature on a “social media savvy” business. So far, we have written on a variety of tech savvy businesses including boutiques, photographers, city tour guides, artists, online dating experts, and adventurists. We covered topics such as real estate search engines, childhood development, and online shopping. While all of [...]